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What we do

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We specialise in the design of sensors, instrumentation and imaging hardware. We firmly believe that the solution to any problem is dependent upon the quality of information that can be gathered. Tasks which seem intractable at first glance can often be rendered trivial once a method of extracting information from noise is applied - as close to the source as possible. This design principle has guided us to our current position as the leading supplier of biometric imaging hardware to UK airports, a designer of machine vision solutions for cutting-edge process control applications and the source of a range of highly regarded non-optical industrial instrumentation solutions.

Fundamentally, it’s all about signal-to-noise.


Perception was founded in 2004 as a design and development house for industrial sensors and instrumentation using a variety of technologies from pressure transducers to optical time-of-flight analysis.

From 2005 in co-operation with Aurora Computer Services Ltd we expanded our activities into facial recognition hardware, initially in the area of structured light projection for 3D analysis. As it became obvious that - as with our work in industrial instrumentation - a basic problem with face recognition is the quality of data presented to any algorithm, we took control of the entire image capture loop, designing both illumination and camera technology to maximise the performance of the system.

Our work in image acquisition for biometrics fed naturally back into the industrial sector and from 2006 we began to apply this experience in a range of bespoke vision based process control solutions.

As a result of our imaging hardware, face recognition had moved from a consistently underperforming technology, notorious for its unreliability, to a solution that with no fuss, simply works encouraging even cautious sectors to begin adoption. In 2011 installation commenced across UK airports.

We are now the leading supplier of face recognition hardware to airports in the UK. We estimate that over sixty million people per year (approximately two people every second) are processed using Perception hardware in this application alone. In 2013 we launched the latest generation of face recognition technology, and now provide a full solution in-house suitable for rolling out standalone or integrating into larger systems.

We continue to develop and supply industrial instrumentation across Europe. We take pride in applying our experience, in collaboration with Emergent Design, to address process control and quality assurance problems for a variety of industries through machine vision and other novel technologies.