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PsiLoc unit ASC unit

The latest generation of face recognition terminal, PsiLoc streamlines and simplifies face recognition for access control while providing unprecedented levels of data security. The innovative proxcard interface removes the need for costly screens, vulnerable data entry terminals and costly management suites, while our patent pending encrypted lock technology ensures that even a physical attack on the lock wiring cannot bypass the biometric security.


Qui, the technology which links together individual PsiLoc terminals, allows the system to operate either as a large scale distributed system or as a standalone, single point of access. For systems integrators and those interested in customising their own site, Qui publishes sufficient data to allow easy incorporation into third-party systems and employs some of the most robust software techniques available to ensure the system runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The ASC range when combined with the Aurora Computer Services facial recognition engine is currently the most widely used face recognition hardware across UK airports and promises to be the leader across the world. This is one of a wide range of facial recognition systems that Aurora have developed to capitalise on the outstanding performance of the PSI imaging technology. Integrators interested in developing airport or other applications should contact our partners in this sector, Aurora Computer Services, for further details.

For other applications please contact your local distributor.