Perception Sensors and Instrumentation Perception Sensors and Instrumentation

Machine Vision

We provide full, bespoke machine vision solutions for industrial process control and quality assurance applications. Unlike many machine vision suppliers we approach the problem from the ground up, designing a full system around your specific situation with custom illumination, capture hardware and, alongside our software partners, algorithms tailored to your application. We don’t use standard solutions that are “close enough”. For anything other than trivial problems a solution has to be designed, end to end, unconstrained by the tools already available.

If we need a tool that doesn’t exist, we create it.

Illumination and Imaging

PSI camera

In many applications, the limiting factor for machine vision is the quality of data available for processing. Our approach is to examine every problem we are faced with to determine the best way to extract information and minimise noise. This invariably requires control of both illumination and capture technology. We design illumination systems appropriate for the objects or materials to be observed in conjunction with optics and capture devices optimised to generate the cleanest, most accurate image possible. Capture hardware and algorithms are designed concurrently since they are not independent problems.

Thermal Imaging

We can provide thermal imaging solutions capable of monitoring temperatures in excess of 600 degrees at a fraction of the cost of traditional thermal imaging cameras. These cameras can be used in isolation, alongside our visual spectrum devices or with traditional sensors - whatever technology is appropriate to acquire the data required for analysis.


Previous applications of our machine vision technology have involved sub-millimetre dimensioning of large items, adaptive illumination to accomodate process variation, automatic rolling calibration of multi-camera systems and blur-free capture of high velocity targets.