Perception Sensors and Instrumentation Perception Sensors and Instrumentation

Sensor Design

Many industrial processes suffer from sections which are not monitored due to a lack of available instrumentation; if standard instrumentation cannot monitor a critical point in your process then it’s just a matter of time before that begins to cost you significant amounts of money. Unmonitored processes can result in wasteful operation, damage to the line and in extreme cases catastrophic failures. Spot checks are a common solution to this problem, but cannot truly replace on-line instrumentation.

We provide a full design service to address this problem. If you have a process that you wish to monitor, we will inspect your system and develop a solution capable of instrumenting it. We are not limited to a given technology - we will use whatever is appropriate to your plant, whether it be vibrational analysis, machine vision, magnetic sensors, time-of-flight correlation, pressure transducers or even novel technology developed specifically for the task in hand.

Instrumentation Display

Legato instrumentation system

Legato is a web-based display system for monitoring instrumentation. It provides customisable displays, collating data from multiple instruments of different types, to be viewed from any authorised location using any device with a modern web browser. You don’t need to go to the control room to check the status of a sensor - just look it up on your smartphone. We recommend Legato as an interface for our own hardware and for third-party instruments which lack their own display software.

Flow Monitoring


We have a great deal of experience in flow monitoring. In addition to our bespoke design services, we also offer standard pressure transducer based instrumentation in this area, pitot tubes for connection to third-party pressure transducers and fully integrated flow computers. Contact our distributors for further details.

High Temperature Distance Instrumentation

BWE heat exchangers are now supplied with a unique piece of instrumentation, designed and produced by Perception. These devices, capable of operating in temperatures of up to 400°C without cooling, are used to monitor the separation of moving components in the exchangers and can be retrofitted to older installations.

Contact BWE for further details.